On Tuesday, August 14th, Hennepin County District 2 voters will have the opportunity to help shape a strong future by electing Tim Bildsoe to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.

From Tim Bildsoe:

"I’m honored to serve as President of the North Loop Neighborhood Association and a member of the Steering Committee for 2020 Partners. Previously I served as an At-Large and Ward Council Member for Plymouth for 16 years.  In addition to serving on the City Council, I was a member of Plymouth’s Planning Commission, Housing & Redevelopment Authority, Transit Advisory Commission, Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission and the Environmental Quality Commission.  I’ve also had the privilege to serve on various non-profit boards and associations.  In addition to my civic experience, my professional career includes 10 years in the public finance industry and over 16 years in commercial insurance as an Underwriter and Manager.  I was appointed to the Minnesota POST Board by Governor Mark Dayton in recognition of my long-standing support of public safety education and training. I live and work in downtown Minneapolis.   

I’ve been fortunate to have had many leadership opportunities throughout my life that have prepared me for the challenge of serving our community as a member of the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. I understand the importance of grassroots neighborhood involvement and collaboration, and appreciate the important role that non-profits play in enhancing community engagement and problem-solving.  I will be a strong advocate for every person, and every neighborhood in the Ward.  I’m a father, businessperson, and a proven leader. I would be honored to receive your support on Tuesday, August 14th."


Tim Bildsoe and Family


President of the North Loop Neighborhood Association

The North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis is recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant neighborhoods for both residents and businesses alike. The North Loop Neighborhood Association (NLNA) was created to foster a strong community, rich in diversity of people, talents and ideas with a focus on community engagement and livability. As president of the NLNA, Tim has led initiatives to secure funding to repair crumbling roads, add green space and engage neighbors on important issues facing the community.

16 years of collaborative work as a member of the Plymouth City Council

Tim Bildsoe served four terms on the Plymouth City Council, spearheading economic development initiatives and attracting a diverse group of local and national businesses, driving Plymouth to become the 4th largest economy in the state, while maintaining the state’s lowest tax rate of cities with 10,000 or more residents. A prudent steward of the city's tax revenue earned Plymouth the highest credit rating while investing in needed infrastructure improvements making Plymouth a great place to live, work and play. As a council member, Tim worked tirelessly on quality of life initiatives to improve the lives of his constituents. He brought about positive change in the areas of neighborhood safety, exceptional city services, well-maintained infrastructure and open space preservation.